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Almost all financial decisions have tax implications. As such, having access to reliable expertise is crucial to long-term financial planning. Our in-house tax experts assist clients in understanding implications and navigating the complex and ever-changing tax landscape.

By leveraging our specialized tax expertise, we aim to empower you with strategies to mitigate the impact of taxes on your wealth.

Identifying a Tax Saving Opportunities

Effective tax planning can have a profound impact on your wealth today and on future inheritances. Our professionals are dedicated to helping you identify tax-saving opportunities that will enable broader asset appreciation.

Benefits of In-House Tax Expertise

Your personal tax officer will advise you on every facet of tax planning and compliance for individuals, trusts, estates, private foundations and partnerships.


Tax Planning

We build scenarios to help you determine your investment strategy, prioritize your goals, enhance or extend your cash-flows, convert assets or pay off liabilities. We will show you what decisions may mean to your financial future and guide you on what makes most sense.

  • Mitigation strategies for individuals, trusts, estates, private foundations and partnerships
  • Income tax projections
  • Year-round planning for gift and charitable giving

Preparation and Filing

  • Individual income tax returns
  • Gift tax returns
  • Household employer filings
  • Private foundation filings
  • Family investment partnership returns
estate planning totten trust

Personalized Projections and Proactive Review

  • Calculate tax projections and pay quarterly estimated taxes to increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Identify ongoing opportunities to minimize tax liabilities
  • Work throughout the year to maintain a favorable tax situation for you
  • Keep you updated as tax laws change and your circumstances evolve

Guidance on Estate and Income Tax Strategies

Estate and gift taxes

  • Annual exclusion gifts

  • Gifts in trust

  • Multi-generational dynasty trusts

  • Estate freeze techniques

  • Family limited partnerships and other asset structuring

  • Specialized trust planning (GRAT, QPRT, SLAT, DING, etc.)

Capital gains taxes

  • Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) planning

  • Deferral strategies

  • Tax-loss harvesting

  • Long-term investing

  • Maximizing charitable deductions

  • Installment sales

Income taxes

  • Stock options and executive compensation

  • State residency

  • Distribution strategies

  • Roth conversions

Tax strategies for irrevocable trusts

  • Income tax basis planning

  • Mitigate state income taxes for non-grantor trusts

  • Grantor trust planning

  • Maximize GST tax exemption

Charitable tax strategies

  • Charitable remainder trust

  • Charitable lead trusts

  • Income tax bundling strategies

  • Donor advised funds and private foundations

Death of a spouse

  • Administering a spouse’s estate and retitling of assets

  • Claiming life insurance, retirement plans and other benefits

  • Updating your estate plan

  • Building your own network of professionals

Involving the next generation

  • Facilitate family communication, value sharing and financial education

  • Business succession planning

  • Governance for philanthropic entities and businesses 

Tax Expertise Embedded in Your Team

We provide our clients with comprehensive tax support from a dedicated team of experts. Regardless of whether we prepare your tax returns, our team will evaluate existing strategies and create any new long term tax strategies involving income, estate, gift, and generation skipping taxes.

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