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We specialize in providing strategic portfolio management for individuals, families, institutions, endowments, and personal foundations.

Our priority is to understand your unique goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and broader objectives. Within this context, we build diversified multi-asset class portfolios that both mitigate risks and capture opportunities across fluctuating economic cycles and market conditions.

We offer a range of services and capabilities that cater to our clients’ investment needs, from long-term asset allocation approaches to actively managed US equity and fixed income strategies, in addition to third-party manager solutions across different asset classes.

Investment expertise  
For Your Needs

Our dedicated team of portfolio managers possesses extensive knowledge and experience in working with large multigenerational families to plan for future objectives and liquidity needs. We also help professional investors, entrepreneurs and business owners to mitigate tax implications associated with concentrated portfolios. Furthermore, we are committed to catering to the requirements of Investment Committees by achieving their institution’s goals while upholding their core values.

How We Build Your Customized Portfolio

Deep Resources, Deep Insights

Our integrated and collaborative investment platform fosters cross-organizational idea sharing, enabling us to apply our best investment ideas to every portfolio.

Asset allocation is one of the key drivers of overall performance and risk. We use forward-looking and back-tested methodologies to guide our long-term strategic asset allocation recommendations. We actively adjust our tactical positioning when downside risk or upside opportunities are present.

Our portfolio managers invest across all asset classes, sectors and industries. We leverage the extensive global resources and capabilities of Franklin Templeton, including global macroeconomic insights and deep analytics on thousands of companies

We implement each client’s customized asset allocation through the hundreds of third-party managers we track across all global asset classes. We bring an academic and rigorous approach to researching, selecting and monitoring investment managers. In the private markets, we have a proven track record of placing clients in hard to access managers and strategies that are capacity constrained.

Disciplined risk management and due diligence seek to ensure that risks are recognized and rational and have the potential to be rewarded. Our quantitative analytics offer clients transparency into portfolio-level and stock-specific risk exposures that provide a robust framework for building and managing portfolios, from allocation and rebalancing decisions to navigating changing market environments.

Constructing Multi-Asset Class Portfolios


We construct globally diversified equity portfolios that target the highest potential return based on your risk profile. Our approach combines proprietary research with focus on companies that are established or emerging leaders with strong competitive advantages, enduring business models and solid track records.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income approach incorporates your unique tax profile, liquidity needs, and preferences. We incorporate global market views on economic growth, central bank policy and inflation to inform portfolio construction decisions affecting interest rate risk, sector allocation and yield curve positioning.​

Private Investments

Achieving long-term investment goals across a variety of market cycles may require more than a traditional 60/40 allocation to stocks and bonds. Alternative assets can provide enhanced diversification and alpha generation and may help to lower portfolio volatility. We conduct proprietary due diligence and source investment managers across private equity, real assets, real estate and hedge funds.

Liquid Alternatives

Public market alternatives may provide both risk mitigation and return enhancement to a broader multi-asset class portfolio. Spanning the risk/return spectrum, liquid alternatives can enhance portfolio flexibility while offering lower minimums, greater liquidity and easier tax reporting than traditional private investments.​

A holistic Approach that Looks Beyond Investment Returns

Every portfolio has a distinct combination of factors, including return expectations, risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, tax considerations, legal requirements, and social values. Our strategic portfolio management takes all these into account to drive portfolio appreciation while minimizing risk.

Through regularly scheduled client meetings, we aim to understand current needs and any changed circumstances. These proactive interactions guide our recommendations and enable us to serve as trusted advisors and fiduciaries.

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