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Financial Planning For Life Events

Life is a journey full of unexpected surprises. By proactively planning for the present and future, we offer investment and wealth transfer strategies that can be adjusted for your specific goals and objectives.

Our planning experts help you make informed decisions today to realize the future you aspire for tomorrow.

Building a Roadmap to Reach Your Financial Goals

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your current position in relation to your objectives combined with planning strategies to improve your progress and ensure sharpened focus on the road ahead.

Helping You Prepare for Important Milestones


  • Saving and spending plans, tax optimization and social security planning

  • Business succession and liquidity event planning

  • Longevity planning

Buying a home

  • Evaluating financing options
  • Intra-family loans and gifting
  • Cash-flow planning and tax optimization


  • Premarital planning and post-marital agreements

  • Titling of assets and joint and separate estate planning

  • Household saving and spending plans

College Savings

  • Evaluating tax-efficient savings optoins, 529 plans and trust vehicles

  • Financial aid optimization 

  • Financial education for young adults


  • Understanding your assets and liabilities 

  • Cash-flow planning and tax optimization

  • Updating your estate plan

Death of a spouse

  • Administering a spouse’s estate and retitling of assets

  • Claiming life insurance, retirement plans and other benefits

  • Updating your estate plan

  • Building your own network of professionals

Involving the next generation

  • Facilitate family communication, value sharing and financial education

  • Business succession planning

  • Governance for philanthropic entities and businesses 

Wealth Projections

We build scenarios to help you formulate your investment strategies, enhance or extend cash flows, liquidate assets, or settle liabilities. Our objective is to illustrate the implications of decisions on your financial future and to help guide you towards the most sensible course of action.

Tax Strategies

Our work revolves around strategic tax planning. Our objective is to enable you to understand your tax obligations while reducing your tax burden.

Legacy Planning

As you progress in life, we can help ensure the financial well-being of your loved ones even in your absence. Our team of experts are experienced in offering a range of solutions that can be tailored to your goals, whether it involves trust, estate planning, philanthropy, business succession, or life insurance planning.

Financial Guidance for Every Stage of Life

Our wealth planning professionals include Certified Financial Planners® and Advisors who focus on the big picture in managing the details of day-to-day decisions and events.

  • Selling a business
  • Gifts to children or grandchildren
  • Exercising stock options
  • Consolidating accounts
  • Sale or purchase of property
  • Charitable gifts
  • Family meetings

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