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Estate Planning

Estate planning helps ensure peace of mind and protects your loved ones in case of unforeseen circumstances.

But estate planning is more than just transferring assets at death. It also helps you mitigate tax burdens, prevent potential discord among family members, and, most importantly, allows you to experience the joy of gifting to your loved ones and future generations.

Creating Plans For Today And The Future

We partner with clients to implement long-term strategies aimed at managing and transferring assets across generations. Our approach addresses considerations both during and after one’s lifetime, while being mindful to any potential tax implications.

We Can Help You Tax-Effectively Pass on Your Wealth

We work with our clients to design planning strategies that are flexible, tax-efficient and designed to weather the other frictions that can erode wealth when it passes from one generation to the next. We will guide you through.

  • Transfer taxes and gifting. Developing and implementing strategies to maximize the after-tax assets that pass to your beneficiaries.
  • Business succession planning. Creating succession plans that set your business up to smoothly transfer and grow across generations.
  • International tax planning. Navigating the complexity of your international connections, whether it be assets overseas, family members making gifts into the US, beneficiaries abroad or moving between countries.

Advising You on Your Estate Plan


  • We can help you ensure your will effectively outlines your wishes for your assets and property and defines guardianship plans for your dependents.

Living/revocable trusts

  • We will review any trust documents to ensure they are aligned with your current circumstances, plans and wishes for your wealth.

Irrevocable trusts

  • If gifting strategies are part of your financial plan, we will help determine the right trust structures for your gifts.  

Power of attorney

  • If needed, this document allows you to authorize someone to make financial, business or personal decisions on your behalf.

Healthcare directive


Visualizing Your Plan

We help you see your plan in action – both visualizing the future possibilities and executing on it today. We can illustrate the flow of your assets, where taxes need to be considered, and most importantly, what the picture looks like for future generations. We also can help you adjust your plans as your circumstances evolve.

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