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Non-Profit Organizations

We acknowledge that your organization’s mission and values drive your decision-making process. As such, we actively engage with your board, staff, family members, and other advisors to foster a collective commitment and shared focus across your entire team.

How We Can Help You

Our suite of services will give you the time and capacity to remain focused on your mission while we handle the rest.

Family Foundation

You may have established or are considering establishing a family foundation. If so, our philanthropic solutions can guide you through the entire process. Our team will support you in forming a nonprofit entity, aligning on a mission statement, developing grantmaking guidelines, sourcing and vetting potential grantees, executing grantmaking cycles, and administering grants on an ongoing basis. We also offer valuable assistance in managing family dynamics, facilitating education, and devising succession plans to ensure your family foundation continues to thrive.

Corporate Foundation

Corporate foundations are established for a variety of reasons, including aligning business activities with community needs. We recognize the responsibility it takes to manage your business while promoting social or environmental good.

By entrusting us with the management and administration of your corporate foundation, we will manage the funds, provide tailored reports, administer grantmaking, and ensure compliance with IRS requirements in true turnkey fashion.


Educational institutions face unprecedented needs as the student experience evolves. Pressures to grow revenue alongside demands for capital to support facility expansions can strain finance and development departments. Whether we assume the responsibilities of an outsourced chief investment officer, we aim to establish a robust partnership that enables you to fulfill your institution’s mandate and effectively execute your operations.


Healthcare institutions face increasing capital requirements due to demand for rapid technological and scientific advances alongside increasingly stringent regulations and oversight. Our team can assist your institution by managing funds designated for various purposes, including operating funds, strategic funds, endowments, insurance, and retirement pensions.

The Work We Do for Non-Profit Organizations


  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services
  • Board governance and education
  • Foundation advisory and collaboration
  • Foundation management
  • Next generation succession planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Performance reporting
  • IRS compliance and tax preparation

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