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With multi-faceted roles encompassing work, family and service to communities, women are leading busier lives than ever before. Not surprisingly, they also increasingly take on the role of managing their family’s wealth and legacy. With all these responsibilities and challenges, wealthy women often benefit from having an experienced financial partner.

We have a long tradition of serving these unique needs. As a fiduciary, we listen and serve as a supportive partner and advisor, aligning your personal investment and financial plans with your life goals and needs.

Benefit from a Team that Understands You

With women well represented across our senior management and staff, we have what it takes to establish a meaningful relationship with you. We tailor solutions to respond to planned and unplanned life events, while helping you navigate changing markets and tax laws—helping you stay focused on achieving your goals.

How We Can Help You

Cultivating and establishing a strong partnership begins with listening and getting to know you. Our team measures and monitors your goals, risks and needs, now and into the future. This allows us to proactively adjust your plans to weather the inevitable changes that will occur throughout your life.

Financial planning. We’ll help you create an investment, cash flow and spending plan that aligns with your short- and long-term financial goals.

Guidance through transitions. Marriage, starting a family, death of a spouse, caring for aging parents, selling a business, retirement—we help you prepare financially and make smart decisions through life events.

Tax planning. Our deep expertise helps minimize the impact of taxes on your wealth, positioning you to attain your financial or legacy goals.

Estate planning with wealth transfer. Our experts will provide strategies that help protect, transfer, grow and prepare your wealth for future generations.

Executive compensation. We’ll guide you in managing equity compensation, risk management, liquidity planning, retirement planning and long-term investment management.

Services tailored to you

  • Investment management
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Longevity planning
  • Savings and budget planning
  • Tax mitigation strategies
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Life event planning
  • Philanthropic giving strategies
  • Sustainable investing

Your team

Your team includes:

Wealth director

Ensures you have access to all the services we provide

Relationship manager

Oversees your day-to-day needs and ensures thoughtful integration of the services we deliver

Portfolio manager

Actively manages your investments and tailors your strategies to your personal risk and return objectives and tax circumstances

Wealth planner

Provides estate, tax, and financial planning strategies

Trust officer

Ensures your trusts are properly administered to carry out your wishes

Philanthropic advisor

Partners with you to develop appropriate giving structures and strategies to maximize your impact

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