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Proper investing can generate wealth, but various risk factors including tax consequences may jeopardize and limit the amount ultimately inherited by your beneficiaries.

At Lumiere Financial Group, we firmly believe that wealth appreciation and preservation require a holistic financial strategy customized to your needs. Our team possesses extensive expertise across investment, trust and estate, and tax planning, and is dedicated to assisting you in growing and protecting your wealth for future generations.

Customized Wealth Planning

Your Goals

Your vision, goals and circumstances are the foundation for the strategy we build for your wealth.

Your Team

Your cross-disciplinary team ensures all aspects of your plan work together for the most optimal outcome.

Your Plan

Your plan is designed to meet your goals today and as they evolve in the future.

Your Goals

Our client relationships begin by first aligning on client objectives and goals. It is through a comprehensive understanding of your vision, goals, and circumstances that we lay the foundation for creating your tailored wealth strategy. Whether you wish to achieve multi-generational wealth transfer, enable business succession, benefit from retirement education, safeguard your wealth from tax consequences and potential creditors, or engage in philanthropic activities, we are here to partner with you and support you on your journey.

Your Team

Our multi-disciplinary advisory team will support you and is dedicated to formulating optimal investment, tax planning, and wealth transfer strategies to grow and safeguard your assets. Every member of our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of your financial background, plans, needs, and will be actively assisting you to achieve your goals.

Your Plan

We develop a tailored plan to preserve and protect your wealth for you and your family. This plan serves as the blueprint for managing your assets today and in the future. Furthermore, it also addresses your posthumous legacy, as well as any contingencies like disability, incapacity, and other financial uncertainties.

Evolving with You

Your financial plan will adapt to your evolving life needs. Our team always be there to support you, evaluating the investment and tax environment and making any necessary adjustments to stay in line with current conditions.

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