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Professional Athletes and Entertainers

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an entertainer, your finances can be as complicated and demanding as your career. Our team is here to help. We are ready to prioritize your financial objectives, enabling you to stay focused on your performance. Effective financial planning at present is key to making your earnings last through retirement and onto your next endeavor.

Benefit from Professional Wealth Management

From budgeting to cash flow management, investment planning to wealth transfer, our team is well equipped to help you pursue your future with confidence.

How We Can Help You

Your career and earnings will change over your lifetime, so your plans should evolve with you. Our team will continuously review and make any necessary modifications to ensure your plans consistently align with your changing goals and needs.

Sustained growth. We provide customized investment strategies designed to enable the sustained growth of your financial assets well beyond the duration of your active playing years.

Managing sudden wealth. We craft long-term financial plans and set you up for your life journey.

Changes in income. We ensure long-term financial stability should your income fluctuate due to injuries, contract changes, or other pertinent factors.

Tax planning. We identify tax mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of taxes on your wealth.

Estate planning and wealth transfer strategies. We preserve and protect your wealth for future generations.

Services tailored to you

  • Budgeting and cashflow
  • Income tax planning
  • Long-term financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Asset protection strategies

Your team

Your team includes:

Relationship manager

Oversees your day-to-day needs and ensures thoughtful integration of the services we deliver

Portfolio manager

Actively manages your investments and tailors your strategies to your personal risk and return objectives and tax circumstances

Wealth planner

Provides estate, tax, and financial planning strategies

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