How We Can Help

As a public school employee, you have unique challenges that require a high level of expertise. Below is our approach and how we are able to help you achieve your financial goals.

Starting with you

Our approach is goals-based. This means that our process is built around you! This approach starts with a data gathering meeting where we will learn about your goals: whether that is saving for retirement or purchasing your first home.

Open-Architecture Investing 

Most public schools have multiple [retirement] plan providers to choose from. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have any proprietary products. This allows us to determine which platform is right for you. Each platform has different features and benefits that should be closely compared.

Pension Guidance

Did you recently move from one state to another and are considering buying back years of service? 

Are you approaching retirement and want to know which plan to take? (i.e., survivorship or single-life)

Is public teaching a second career for you and you want to know how your social security benefits will be impacted?

Student Loan Forgiveness Tools and Resources 

Given the introduction of the “PSLF” or Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, this may introduces an opportunity to get some or all of your qualifying loans forgiven. Although we are not loan consultants, we can help point you in the right direction!

Employer Benefit Gap Analysis 

Each [school] district has different welfare benefits. It is important to know what you are and are no covered for. This includes disability, life, and long-term care insurance coverages.

Why Work With Us?

Fiduciary Approach

We explore a variety of plan sponsors that compete for your business and provide you with the plan to suit your needs.



Our experts have over ten years of experience of working with Public teachers and other municipal employees.

Fee Transparency

You will always know what you are paying us and how we are compensated.