Offering a Full Gamut of Financial Services 

At Lumiere, we believe in providing financial services entirely customized to your needs. For this reason, we offer a range of options to suit the varying life chapters, goals and preferences of our clientele. 

Fee-Based Financial Planning


How It Works

1. Initial Meeting

In this complimentary meeting, we’ll mutually determine if we’re a fit by understanding what you’re looking for and explaining who we are and how our services work. We’ll also look at your current financial data and discuss your goals and aspirations.

2. Data Confirmation

At this time, we’ll confirm the data from our first meeting, ensuring that we have the most accurate understanding of your financial circumstances, responsibilities, and objectives.

3. Plan Presentation

After developing our recommendations, we’ll present the details of our plan, including several alternatives. We’ll demonstrate the implications of each and model your current strategy versus the proposed new ones.*

4. Implementation Presentation

Once we’ve established the plan you’d like to go with, we will take the necessary steps to put it into place.

5. Follow Up

In this meeting, we’ll check in to confirm how often we’ll meet moving forward, your preferred method of communication, and any follow-up action items.

6. Ongoing Review

Throughout the year, we’ll always be reviewing your assets under management (if part of your plan), but we’ll also have formal meetings to go over your progress, discuss any personal or business changes, and make adjustments to your strategy if need be.

Wealth Management

As an independent investment adviser, we have the ability to select investment solutions from many third-party managers, as well as construct portfolios ourselves. We build diversified multi-asset portfolios of world class investment strategies with you in mind (*only for >$1,000,000). Our portfolio construction process starts with you. We believe that the “best portfolio” is the one that is best optimized to solve for your personal investment objective and risk tolerance level. 

Our investment framework is built on our macro economic outlook, asset class expectations, current market outlook, investment analysis and risk management processes. All of our research and due diligence is expressed in the investment recommendations made to you. We do not use model portfolios, instead, we create a customized portfolio that is designed around what is important to you. We can choose the custodian that suits your needs. However, our preferred custodian is Charles Schwab.

Our Custodian


Insurance Solutions

We work with multiple carriers and shop each of these companies for the best rate and the best product offering. Our process together can range from a simple online term application to a complex process for premium financing or variable cases.