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How we work

At LFG, we have a culture and belief in free flowing ideas, radical transparency (coined by Ray Dalio in Principles), constant improvement, and career advancement. We celebrate differences by hiring people who reflect the markets we serve. We offer flexibility in work-life balance by allowing our employees to set their own schedules and be creative with the way they serve clients. Our culture is one of encouraging collaboration with one another, building friendships, and helping one another achieve their goals. We encourage teaming, promote within, and encourage constructive and actionable feedback. 

What We Believe

Putting the Client First

Clients are the reason why Lumiere Financial Group exists. We built all of our systems and processes around better serving our clients. A few examples of this are guaranteed response time, always giving our clients an alternative to every recommendation, access to top investment managers, open-architecture platforms, superior technology, and enhanced advisor oversight and supervision. 

Extreme Ownership 

One of our core principles is to take responsibility for your actions and mistakes. We have an error log, financial and operations professionals alike can own responsibility for their actions and help identify errors. This aids managers in not only detecting, but also, and more importantly, correcting errors. Employees are not in trouble for self reporting, however, they are if they know that an error exists, and fail to report it. “A leader who takes responsibility for failure is vital to the success of a team. Pressure is inevitable as a leader, remaining calm and effective comes from establishing priorities and taking action. Managing risks before they pop up is a key attribute of great leaders.” – Jocko Willink 

Collaboration Over Competition 

We want our employees to give the best service to our clients, which is why we don’t put them in competition with each other. Competition can lead to people offering services or products that aren’t in the client’s best interest and excluding people with relevant experience just to earn a few more dollars for the company and push them up the ranks. Focusing on collaboration means that our employees work with each other to make sure that each client gets the best information and care possible. We make this possible by encouraging teaming, financially incentivizing staff to work together, and training on how to best collaborate with others.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset reflects a growth mindset. It’s the willingness to think creatively, to consider alternative options, and to have a hunger for improvement. Entrepreneurs initiate success—they are action takers, strong communicators, and experienced collaborators. No matter what your position is at Lumiere, we encourage this innovative state of mind.

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